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Haldi+ (6 eggs)

eEgg Shop | What we do?

Sree Lakshmi Nutri Eggs is a company dedicated to farming and producing eggs in an ethical manner and has been running since 1993. We at Sowbhaagya Group (the holding company) are the 3rd generation farmers, passionate about the health of our customers, the welfare of the animals we work with, and at large the welfare of the world we live in. That’s why we decided to create SLN Eggs, which provides cost-effective, mindfully and ethically farmed, nutritionally dense poultry products for all.

At SLN Eggs, we believe that it is important for consumers to be informed of the story behind the food they purchase. With us, you can rest easy knowing that you can trust the source of your eggs, and you can truly understand our creation progress. We pride ourselves on producing some of World’s best chicken farms, offering healthier choices to the public, and ensuring a sustainable lifestyle.

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General questions

How are the eggs from eEgg Shop special?
Eggs at eEgg Shop are laid by Healthy birds that feed of herbs& nutrient rich good quality vegetarian feed.The hens are not infused with any synthetic drugs such as antibiotics or hormones or steroids as growth promoters or production enhancers.

These philosophy of raising the birds is inspired from both tradition & science. The most important of all herbal ingredients is Haldi (Turmaric) a natural superfood that would boost immunity. Others such a garlic, amla powder, marigold leaves, alf alfa, moringa, flaxseedetc are used to have a balanced diet. Also the hens have a probiotic in their diet to maintain a healthy gut, as healthy gut means a healthy bird. The birds have 24/7 access to ozonized water for proper hydration. Ozonized water is99.99 % free from bacteria or virus. Some birds are also fed with omega 3 (sourced from algae not fish) and other nutrient rich natural feed to enrich the eggs.The inhouse automated feed mill ensures us to maintain a no touch technique of feed to prevent contamination of feed.

Over all ourbirdsenjoy a scientifically and traditionally well formulated nutrient rich herbal diet that ensures they produce safe, tasty & healthy eggs.
How can we trust your claims?
Our eggs are tested at FSSAI certified labs.

On you first order Get our special eggs at the cost of regular eggs &free door step delivery.
Which is best variant among all the products?
Free range eggs , Desi eggs and Kadaknath eggs are expensive because to being raised in open Paddack low density environment. All the variants are superior in their own segments and are
Why do eggs have bright orange yolk?

As the birds eat natural carotenoid rich feed such as moringa, marigold etc.. the yolk is bright orange in color.

Why do your eggs taste better?

High quality vegetarian feed given to the birds is the main reason, Also our management practices strive for no stress level of the bird that makes eggs taste good.

Why the shells of your eggs harder to break compared to others?

The shells are strong due the calcium and excellent nourishment of the bird that lay them. Healthy eggs have strong shells

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