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Payment and refund policy

The term “we” or “us” have been used below so as to mean the owner or admin i.e. "Sree Lakshmi Eggs” of mobile application and website "eEgg Shop" i.e. "and the term "you" shall mean user of any kind who has paid or is willing to pay for the same. One of the payment mode provided under this application is through online payment, wherein the customer/user places the order and proceeds to pay for the same though the procedure of online payment using the available methods with the aid of payment gateway in this regard. Users opting for this method of payment shall read and understand that our policy in this regard which governs the method of payment and refund if any. Users impliedly deemed to agree to the following policy terms as to payment once they opt for payment through online method using payment gateway. Users shall not be entitled once they go for this method of payment to claim ignorance of the terms of refund policy. The terms contained in this payment and refund policy is to administer the transaction and also to govern the rights and liabilities. By agreeing any user shall be deemed to have consented to same.

Services Provided through App

We provide the subject to other conditions the service that helps users of this application and website is to offer to sale various categories of eggs etc. and the same are subject to availability.


Services are provided on subscription basis also. Various subscription plans are provided in the app and is subject to change and revision from time to time without prior notice. User can customize the subscription plan which is provided in the app and website for a period of four week wherein users can select the number of days of delivery per week by selecting the same.

Rules Regarding Payment:

1. We offer to provide services specified therein on availability basis upon users agreeing the terms and conditions provided.

2. Users opting for this method of payment shall read and understand that our policy in this regard which governs the method of payment and refund if any.

3. Details of charges to be paid for the products and service charges for providing delivery are provided in this application and website.

4. Such charges include any charges towards :

► Charges for various categories of eggs as provided by admin.

► Delivery charges.

► Service charges.

► Transaction charges.

► Taxation.(if applicable) .

5. We reserve right to increase or decrease the service and delivery charges.

6. The charges so provided are again subject to revision and it may vary owing to various circumstances.

7. We reserve the right to change the method of payment or temporarily suspend the facility of online payment at our discretion owing to technical difficulties or other circumstances.

8. These terms of policy are additionally applicable to those users making online payment using payment gateway.

9. User intending to order products and opting for payment through online mode has to as condition precedent make payment for the same only then order is to be confirmed.

10. Ordered items are to be delivered only after payment as general terms and conditions contained in the other part.

11. Payment facility is provided in the form of payment gateway in the application it can be done through Net Banking, debit/credit card and third party Apps.

12. Users have to follow the instructions as provided therein and proceed to make payment.

13. If the app/website does not direct user to payment gateway due to some technical difficulty it shall not constitute any omission from our part.

14. This facility is provided with the aid of payment gateway and customer is required to fill in the particulars for that purpose and we do not in any way shall be responsible for the information provided about card details etc.

15. The payment which is to be made is subject to deduction or forfeiture towards the complaints made, or any misrepresentation or fraud played by the user in such cases we may at our discretion delete the account and shall forfeit right to any payment.

Cancellation Not Allowed:

1. User once makes payment in the application/website, either by way of subscription or for purchase of specified order, is not allowed to cancel the order and claim refund post cancellation.

2. Cancellation of orders/subscription once placed/taken and claim for refund is not allowed.

3. Refund is to be given only for circumstances enlisted in refund cases and not otherwise.

4. Users shall not claim refund on the ground of refusal to take order or placing request for cancellation of order or subscription.

5. Refund is to be given only for circumstances enlisted in refund cases and not otherwise

Procedure for claiming Refund:

1. Refund after Deduction: Refund is to be made only after deducting charges as the case maybe.

2. Wrongful deduction: In case of any wrongful deduction of amount from the account, or deduction of more than what was ought to have been deducted users can approach the concerned bank and sort out the issue claim reverse we do not offer any remedy or part in this. If in case we receive any such amount from users more than the actual amounts we wish to refund the same to the users.

3. Refund after Reconciliation: However the same shall be done once reconciliation is done from our end with payment gateway and not before.

4. Period for processing: Such amount shall be reversed only not later than one week after the reconciliation is done. Time for processing complaints is up to one week only after which we can inform user about whether the complaint is entitle to refund.

5. No Refund in case of deactivation: If the account of the user is deactivated from our end due to reason of complaints or non response or on account of negligent or willful misconduct no refund can be claimed.

6. Refund only after receipt in account: We do our best to refund the amount back to the users but the same can only be done once the amount is received into our account and transaction is settled not but not earlier.

7. No claim after fifteen days: Any claim for refund of amount made after a period of 15 days of making payment shall not be entertained and user shall forfeit the right to claim refund if that case.

8. Settlement: In case of any dispute as to refund claims user can contact with us and try to settle the matter amicably.

9. Expenses: Refund in case of wrongful deduction shall be made after deducting various expenses incurred and due process.

10. Mode of Refund: Though refund will be made into the account of the user they are not entitled to insist on the same method for refund it can be made either by payment gateway or wire transfer or any other mode. For any Assistance or Query regarding subscription plan or payment or cancellation or refund user can contact us: